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Website Order instructions:    Be sure to read through the complete list of 10 form details before completing form.  The instructions will make the process of ordering your website easy and direct.  The form will help us get started on your project.
1)  Order ID:   Use your current invoice # or your partner ID number.
2)  Business information.  This is the basic information for the business.  Include if they have a current website and the URL.  Copy paste URL into form.
3)   Domain Provider:   This will be their Godaddy, BlueHost, 1 and 1, etc. log-in information.  Log-in information will be case sensitive.  
4)   Order Type:  what type of website and if other options.  You can check more than one box if applicable.  
5)  Website Order.  amount of pages and other ADD-ONS.  
6)  Website Design Layouts:  This is a basic custom design type that the client prefers.  Custom Design Layouts can be found clicking HERE.
7)Facebook for Business details (If applicable).   We will need URL (copy paste) and log-in information.  This would include email and password.  
8)  Distributor information:  MUST!  This is our direct point of contact from Econcept Inc.  Also if we contact the client we represent the distributor/partner.
9)  Order Request:   Once requested you will then be taken to a credit card processing form.  If we have your information on file then by pass this step.  Your card and information will be billed accordingly.  

Domain Names (.com, .net, .org, and more)

Website Order

Trilogy Business
Trilogy Business +
Trilogy Pro
RoosterSite Splash
RoosterSite Business
RoosterSite Pro.
Facebook for Business (Optimized)
Facebook for Business Advantage (2 weekly posts)
Facebook for Business Pro (22 monthly posts)
5 page
6-10 page
10+ page
Yelp integration
Full SEO
Facebook integration
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