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Social media is a great way to connect with your current and prospective clients and customers. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram offer a way for small business owners to showcase their products and services, advertise special pricing for special occasions, and engage with their market. Due to the reach of sites like Facebook, your small business has an unprecedented opportunity to reach prospective clients and customers that previously would not have been reachable with traditional marketing. Social media is an important part of any overall marketing strategy, and it allows you to connect with your “tribe” in a more timely and casual way than traditional broadcast and print media.

Social media marketing is defined as “the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.” Social media websites include very popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, as well as lesser-known social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. Facebook is an especially potent tool for business owners to reach their customers and prospects due to the sheer numbers of people that use Facebook. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2014, 57% of American adults have a Facebook account, and 64% of Facebook users visit the site daily. These people are your potential clients or customers, and if you offer them information that is funny, interesting, or otherwise engaging, you can get attention through “Likes” and “Shares” of your content.

One of the great things about social media is the way great content can easily “go viral” — meaning that the content has been shared very quickly over the internet. Usually this happens because it is especially entertaining, shocking, or noteworthy. Even if your content isn’t shocking or terribly entertaining, if people find it worthwhile, uplifting, or otherwise of value, they will share it with their friends and help spread the word about your business.

Just one problem: Creating and posting to your social media accounts is practically a full-time job, and most small business owners lack both the time to produce the content necessary to post even once a day, or the cash to hire an in-house social media consultant.

If you choose to manage your own social media accounts, consider how much time you would have to devote each week to finding interesting things to write about — and then actually writing about them — and then also somehow find the time to post them to your social media accounts. Remember to repeat this weekly, since your followers expect a constant stream of engaging content. Try to run your business at the same time. For most of us, acting as our own social media manager is nearly impossible.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, then you could hire an employee to manage your social media. According to, the median salary for a social media manager is $45,717, and don’t forget to add in benefits, employment taxes, and the headache of managing another employee.

You can outsource your social media management, but it’s typically pretty expensive. Social media can cost thousands of dollars a month; in 2012, the typical price to manage a Facebook page was $1,000 a month! Compared to that, Econcept’s prices are an absolute bargain: You get daily content posted on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for a fraction of that.


Really, managing your social media just doesn’t need to be that difficult or expensive. Econcept starts the social media management process by asking a series of detailed questions about your business in order to customize your social media content to your business. We’ll then start posting engaging, timely, and shareable content to your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Let Econcept take over your social media management, and you can get on with what you do best: Running your business.

If you don’t have social media accounts and a marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an opportunity to share your message online with your prospective clients and customers, and to have them pass it on to their friends. Call Econcept today at 
(805) 202-2368 to create a social media management strategy that makes the phone ring!

if you have questions about what you should expect to pay for social media management services then read on!


Social media management pricing varies widely. Some social media consultants charge by the hour, and some quote a flat fee for the monthly service.

Here’s an idea of what you can expect to pay if you hire a social media consultant:

Hourly rates: $45-$75 for an experienced social media consultant.

Monthly rates: Most social media consultants charge between $1,000 to $2,000 a month for managing a Facebook business page, and about $1,000 to $3,000 a month for writing or editing two blog posts a week to your blog. Here’s some more about pricing here.

Compared to this, our social media management pricing is a bargain.


You’re probably reading this because you’re looking for places to learn about social media and how to integrate it into your marketing plan. Here’s a little bit about what we do.

Social Media Strategy Development- Develop a strategy for getting your message out with the greatest potential for social media engagement. We do this by looking at your existing marketing, branding and content goals and develop a plan that is a part of your overall marketing and communications strategy.

Community Outreach- Reach out to the Social media community to build awareness of your message through communities, bloggers and create relationships with the influencers in related social networks.

Content optimization – Optimize existing web-pages and content-including video, press releases, inter-actives and web content- to maximize re-distribution and discussion.

Campaign Management- Managing your on-line campaign from social media outreach to search engine optimization and marketing and AdWord campaigns.

Monitoring and Reporting- managing these campaigns takes diligent monitoring to maintain the quality of information and effectiveness of ad campaigns. We use state of the art monitoring systems to manage your campaign and “listen” to how the message is being received.
What are the advantages for you?

Increased Revenue- The more eyeballs that see your message and the more often they see it, the more opportunity there is for them to hear you and get engaged.

People are listening- Focused interest and increased user engagement returns in user loyalty and higher traffic as well as increased revenue.

Amp up the brand- With the cacophony of ads and media on-line, your message needs to be delivered clearly, in multiple venues and often to get your brand to stick in user’s heads. Entering into the conversation can help users develop a knowledge of you and your business that will get your brand heard.

Quality traffic- There are lots of ways to increase traffic, but what you need is quality traffic. If you sell buzz saws and you get a lot of traffic for people looking for Buzz Lightyear, what value is that? We drive traffic based on who you are.

Competitive data- Most likely you are not alone in your message. We can show you how you rate against your competition, and help you keep track of their social media presence too. Find out what they are talking about and market changes at the speed of the web.

Heard enough? Call us. We can build a strategy for how you want to engage-within your budget. Our social media management pricing works for any budget.

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